Dead Men Left

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Circle Line party

Curiously, it would seem that several hundred people descended on the westbound Circle Line platform at Liverpool St on Friday evening, boarded a few trains, and proceeded to party like they weren't on the Underground. Loud music, drinks, ocassional communal singing (including that old anti-capitalist favourite, "We All Live in a Yellow Submarine"), possible fancy dress, inflatable sharks, bunting, pole-dancing, and sweaty merriment all round: though the highlight, I might hazard, was the delighted reaction of the innocent commuters, drawn away from a metro-boulot-metro-dodo routine into a near-orgiastic pit of debauchery where they expected a tube carriage. (A report of last year's bash is available here. It would also seem that a number of people from the Dunwich Dynamo turned up for this weekend's vaguely anti-cap outing. The Dynamo, by the way, was a doddle. More or less. Next weekend: anti-capitalist golf, played through the City of London with Nestle powdered milk tins.)