Dead Men Left

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Voting Liberal Democrat for peace is like fucking for virginity.

'Voters should use next month's European elections to protest against the war in Iraq, the Liberal Democrats have said.

Party leader Charles Kennedy said the June 10 poll gave voters the ideal opportunity to tell Prime Minister Tony Blair that his actions had left Britain increasingly isolated in the world.'

On the face of it, I couldn't agree more. The elections should indeed be used to protest against the war. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean voting Liberal Democrat.

This would be the same party who said, once the war started, "the House of Commons voted earlier this week and we have to accept that democratic verdict ... [in] supporting our armed forces now battle is engaged." Do you see the logic? Before a war starts, that war is bad; once the war begins, that war is good. It's confusing, I know: wars that haven't happened should be opposed; wars that are actually taking place should be supported.

It gets better. The Lib Dems have done nothing to suggest that they want to "support our armed forces", troops being currently desparate to return home, by actually calling for their withdrawal. Commenting on the US's admission that it has killed 25 Iraqis in custody since September, Sir Menzies Campbell has noted:

'"These admissions simply compound the damage caused in recent days on both sides of the Atlantic by the publication of photographs apparently showing the abuse of prisoners.

"Everything done and everyone acting in the name of the coalition in Iraq is inevitably tainted.

"What is now required is total transparency if confidence is to be restored."'

"Total transparency"? Ok then, just so we can be sure, I want bona fide, government-approved, no doubts about it that-man-has-wires-taped-to-his-genitals photographs of what the coalition has been doing (and will continue to do) to the Iraqis. Faking Iraqi torture should be opposed, actually torturing Iraqis should be supported - there's a policy suggestion for you, Charlie.

Charles Kennedy supported the actions that Tony Blair took to "leave us isolated in the world." His party supported the war he wants voters to protest against. Vote Respect it is, then.