Dead Men Left

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Bloody hell, visitors. They left comments and everything. I feel a pressing sense of responsibility to keep the site reasonably updated.

This made me snigger inappropriately, from Eschatological Imperatives. I have no idea who or what this man is; I don't know any of the people he regularly refers to; I have very little idea of what is going on in his blog. Hurrah! Confusion abounds!

"3) Yesterday I read in the papers that the police had, ever-so-cleverly, arrested the UK's biggest crack-cocaine dealer. Apparently this palpable menace to society had been operating a reign of terror for the last few years, a region of terror characterised particularly by never, ever using violence and paying all his employees very well for doing a good and efficient job.
I mean, really, WHAT THE BLEEDING FUCK? How many things can be simultaneously wrong with one decision? This guy seems to have been pretty much the only peaceful, harmless drug dealer in the history of western civilisation, supplying millions and millions of pounds worth of crack cocaine to his customers without shooting anyone or indulging in the usual excesses of brutally murderous gang warfare. So he gets locked up for it.

The police have since reported a marginal decrease in the availaibility of crack cocaine. Great. As William Burroughs (a self-confessed junky) wrote in Naked Lunch and I never tire of quoting, criminalising the supply rather than the demand can *never have any effect at all* except temporary fluctuations in price. That's it. Elementary, arithmetically irrefutable economics. So the police have achieved a price increase through the temporary interruption in the supply of a commodity, presumably sparked off what will transpire to be a series of ruthlessly violent turf wars in which innocent bystanders will almost certainly be hurt, and locked up a guy who was just running a business. Cunts. Not just cunts; stupid, pointless, self-defeating cunts making work for themselves at no benefit to anyone. I hope only the police get shot at in the ensuiing chaos, and whichever cretin arrested the guy in the first place loses, oh, his nose or something equally comic..."