Dead Men Left

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Swift Q: at what should a brand-spanking new political organisation be making an impact on the opinion polls?

Other swift Q: who are all these mysterious visitors? The miserable hit-counter, an ever-ready reminder of one's total insignificance, creeps up still further. (This can be answered by cunning means of saying something in the comments boxes. It is possible I say nothing worth commenting on, of course. Bah.)

Finally, go to Lenin's Tomb because I like it and, bless him, he puts a lot of effort in there. It really is quite good, really embarrassingly quite significantly better than this.

Finally finally: first draft of first chapter finished. It's almost certainly appallingly bad, but at least the damn thing is now completed. This may, perchance, alow slightly more time to pootle about on the blog. (I know my perturbingly silent trickle of visitors will be pleased.)