Dead Men Left

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Further evidence that the devil has all the best tunes

Don't let this put you off going:

Travis, Texas and Dido are among the artists heading the line-up of an anti-poverty concert in Scotland next month, just days after the Live8 shows...

The concert is being seen as the final element of the three- stage campaign to persuade the G8 summit to act on the Make Poverty History campaign.

Midge Ure foolishly thinks this will discourage people from "smashing windows". There is nothing more likely to turn a peaceful crowd into a frenzied mob than subjecting them to "Travis, Texas and Dido". Rrrr. Just thinking about them makes me want to hurl brickbats.

(See also. Hungbunny's new site is here. He now seems to think he's a DJ of some sort, poor soul.)