Dead Men Left

Monday, February 14, 2005

Heroin and pistols (and Trotsky)

Pete Doherty maintains his claim on the Last True Rock Star title by managing to quite spectacularly irritate an unpleasant selection of "critically rational individualists", apparently another way of saying "vicious Tory bastard with pretensions". In my jaded, cynical, MTV-generation way I didn't think good pop music still drove old farts everywhere into jabbering fits of moral indignation. Excellent stuff, via Shot by Both Sides (again).

(Caution: I strongly suspect this lot are often driven into jabbering screeching fits about all manner of trivia. There's something uniquely disturbing about the cover illustration on the blog depicting a pistol atop a copy of Karl Popper's Open Society - vol.1, for some reason, rather than vol.2 on Marx. No accounting for taste.)

(Has Pete Doherty really been reading Isaac Deutscher's biography of Trotsky?)