Dead Men Left

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Damn Sitemeter

Blog complaint alert. You don't need to involve yourself with this.

The British Blogs top ten site is up and running, and I am spitting with fury about Sitemeter. The das.reinvigorate counter was registering DML as getting something around 250 hits a day, logged by time, ISP and referrer; I assumed, then, that it wasn't double-counting. Since it went down the toilet, I've had to resort to using Sitemeter, which records a derisory, why-the-hell-should-I-bother figure. There's about 310 links to this site, and the comments boxes are reasonably active, so I'm assuming that my hits haven't fallen off quite so dramatically. What's going on? (I want my bloody place on the top twenty.)

Third Avenue suggests Ian Duncan Smith was right: the British-inclined blogosphere, at present, is the domain of the Right. Much of this is path-dependency: they beat us to it, they established readerships, and we all have to play catch-up. But the idea that some possibly significant social terrain is being cluttered with a shower of Tories, pro-war "lefts" and other misanthropes is unsettling.