Dead Men Left

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

ESF: and finally (for now)

Following the last two posts, I don't want to leave the impression that the event was ruined by this sort of thing. Total attendance was something over 25,000, followed by a demonstration of around 100,000 against the occupation of Iraq; every single meeting I attended (bar one) was notable for both its high political involvement, clarity of arguments presented, and general good humour. Similarly, just from talking to those attending, it's clear that the "movement of movements" across Europe is both broader and far more politically adept than it has been in the past. As a whole, the ESF was a huge success. It is only a shame that two incidents marred things.

By the way, I notice from an earlier post that Impossiblist1904, a regular visitor here, disagrees strongly with the statement printed in the Guardian, reproduced in the previous post. Was anybody else at the anti-fascist meeting who can help clarify things?