Dead Men Left

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Resile, sir? Resile?

I'm easily pleased, obviously, but this is close to inspired:

...There is no question, in a civilised society, of us having anything to do with the remains of our opponents. I am not sentimental about this, but it has to do with recognising that there is a sphere of life that is totally private and unconnected to politics. Contrary to Leninist unwisdom, the personal is not the political. Obviously, the remains will have to be disposed of, but this ought to be carried out as far as possible by private cleaning firms. I hold it a duty of the state to ensure that our streets are not cluttered with bodies, but I also think it appropriate to delegate as much of this responsibility to efficient profitable enterprises as possible...

Grrrmphhhteeheehee, as they used to say in the Asterix cartoons.