Dead Men Left

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Reading the Observer is becoming increasingly surreal. Just one example, this subheading from last Sunday's liberalathon:

Few still believe that Tony Blair lied to the Commons and to the country about Saddam Hussein's WMD...

There followed a tootling all-is-well-in-Blairland summary of the week - a plucky attempt to keep smiling through the brickbats that reminded me of, oh, Dunkirk, or perhaps Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards. Alas, the very first sentence in the subheading - let alone the main report - is undermined by the Observer's sister paper today, with a poll suggesting that 55% of the population believe Blair lied about WMDs. That's "few" as in "a majority", then. Well done, everyone. I look forward to next Sunday's dizzying installment.