Dead Men Left

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Swedish dirty bum sex" (part two)

Much clucking and squawking in Blogland following Mark Lawson's comments on our peculiar activities. I can't see what the fuss is about; his assesment is absolutely spot-on:

The tone is more bottom of a liberal broadsheet letters page... Although the word blog suggests attitude and subversion, it's really just a hi-tech kind of diary and carries the identical risk of Pooterism... the majority of British blogging is leftwing. And almost all the bloggers seem to be male, which suggests at least one institutional problem of the old media has not yet been corrected by the newcomer... what we're mainly getting from bloggers is media commentary or, even worse, media commentary on media commentary.

(Or, like this post, media commentary on media commentary on media commentary. It's a terribly subtle Derridean point I'm trying to make. "Il n'y a pas de blog-text," as the man himself might have said, were he not dead. The title, by the way, is a reference to the sordid, sorry truth that a fair proportion of one's all-important hits as a blogger come from one-handed surfers looking for, in my case, "chubby men" and "bum sex". See here for an explanation, of sorts.)

And who, deep down, can honestly disagree with Lawson's conclusion?

Quite unexpectedly for a journalist, I came out of the experience with a fresh respect for editing and mediation. Not all intervention is censorship. At its worst, blogworld most resembles a radio phone-in for leftwing men but without a Victoria Derbyshire or Brian Hayes to interrupt the callers who lose the thread and start to free-associate.